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Did you lose your car keys? In this case, we can provide new ones within next half hour. Our business policy is to address customer issues with swiftness. There are no specific operation hours for our staffs. We make our technicians work in 3 different shifts. Best locksmith 10014 New York can deliver car keys made service at midnight. We have the latest machinery and experienced staffs who help us deliver car keys to customers in only 15 minutes. Whichever brand vehicle you drive, just call us and mention the name. It will allow us to be prepared when catering you.

Master Key System Has Proven To Be A Hit Formula For Residential Sites

At the time when master key system was introduced, not many people thought it would be of any help to end users. However, the application and benefits of utilizing master key system became obvious within only short time period. Now that master key system has proven successful at residential sites, we are looking forward to installing it at business sites as well. Best Locksmith New York, NY needs to take a look at the locks at your place before installing the system. Gain more details by dialing 646-459-4358.

Once you have safes and vaults opened through us, you can sit back and relax!

If you are continuing to have problems accessing your safes and vaults, then you need to contact an expert service provider like Marty Security Locks. Our experience in handling these problems means you can get over your crisis in a matter of few minutes. Our technicians that handle these required are professionals and can understand the magnitude of work involved in your case without external help. You can expect them to open safes and vaults without any additional help. You can sit back and relax, after placing a request with us. You can get safes and vaults opened through us anytime and anywhere.

Look for class in our transponder keys!

There is so much to look forward to in choosing transponder keys from us. Montigru and Sons New York, NY Locksmith can produce these keys for us, in accordance with your requirements. Therefore, when you contact us with your requirements, be sure to provide the details of your vehicles. This will help us provide you quality and reliable keys. You can either walk into our facility or call us to provide us the required details. We can provide attractive rates if you place a large order for these locks through us. We also provide round-the-clock support for these keys. Contact us today and be assured of your vehicle’s safety.

Have us install and maintain your security systems for quality services

Security systems such as alarms, video surveillance cameras and wireless home security devices need to be installed by a qualified professional in order to effectively serve the intended purpose. At Marty Security Locks, we have technicians who have undergone the rigorous training needed to install, maintain and repair these systems. Prior to installation, we try to understand our client’s security needs so that we can match their security expectations. All our technicians are certified to work as locksmiths thus guaranteeing you that you are dealing with qualified professionals.

Need your vehicles keys made? We can help

Just like anything else made by man, car keys are also bound to get damaged. For instance, if your car’s keys develop dents on the sides, they might not be able to turn in your car’s ignition. If this happens, you need to get a professional who will make another copy that will work just as the original one. At Marty Security Locks, we have helped thousands of clients have their vehicles keys made over the years that we have been in business. Our professional skills are unmatched and comparable to no other.

Stay safe and secure! Install window gates today

Although all of us are optimistic that disasters such as fire will not hit us any time soon, it is always good to stay prepared in the event that the unlikely happens. This is why it is always good to ensure that when you build your dream house you have window gates in place to provide safe exit in case of emergencies. At Marty Security Locks, we have qualified window security experts who can help you install and repair your windows. We respond on time when called for repairs and installations and charge fairly for our services.