Commercial Deadbolt Lock – Always Get It Right

A commercial deadbolt lock is one of the highest and most advanced security locks that offer protection and security against unauthorized access. Our workplace contains confidential data, valuable assets, and customer information that needs to be protected all the time. You do not want intruders, burglars, or thieves to get inside your workspace and tamper with your valuable things. To keep unauthorized people away from your workspace, it is recommended to install commercial deadbolt lock at your office and front door locks.

Eddie and Sons Locksmith company offers top-tier services to install deadbolt locks in Manhattan, NY. Contact us for a highly qualified team of commercial locksmith-NYC professionals and get your installation done within a short period of time only. Our experts are experienced and qualified to install locks rightly on the first attempt. So, don’t waste your time on amateurs and hire our competent staff now.

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Types Of Deadbolt Locks – We Can Handle All Of Them

Single Deadbolt Lock

Bolts with a single cylinder are common in most residences. Keyholes are on one side of single cylinders, and knobs and turning mechanisms are on the other. There is a common thumb-turn on this latch that resembles a simple lever and rotates like a key when pressed. It is usually placed inside doors to prevent keys from being used to open them. One side of the lock can also be opened with a key, and they are the easiest to open.

In addition, it is convenient for the modern homeowner to be able to open or close the door with a thumb-turn from inside the house. These bolts are more commonly used than double-cylinder bolts because of their low cost and this feature.

Double Cylinder Lock

The key cylinders for a double-cylinder deadbolt are located on both the inside and outside of the door. As compared to other bolts, this variant provides increased security. These bolts are particularly useful for decorative glass doors that might be damaged by attackers seeking an entryway. In buildings with double-cylinder deadbolts, criminals will be unable to enter without the correct key.

Furthermore, you can enhance the security of your house or workplace by installing a double-cylinder lock. A thumb-turn mechanism prevents burglars from manually opening the door with this bolt. Break-ins can be reduced by half or more by replacing single-cylinder locks with double-cylinder ones.

You can choose any of these types of commercial entry door locks or deadbolt locks according to your need. Eddie and Sons Locksmith company offers professional installation services no matter which commercial deadbolt lock you want to install in Manhattan, NY.

Commercial Door Lock Repair Services – Quick Repairs

Due to excessive use for general wear and tear, a deadbolt lock becomes dysfunctional or stops working smoothly. Don’t worry. Eddie and Sons Locksmith experts are here to help you. We have been working in the business for years now. It is easy for our experienced locksmith to repair your commercial deadbolt lock if it’s malfunctioning. There are a number of ways in which you can fix or repair a deadbolt lock.

You can, for example, replace the bolt or striker with a new one, or you can remove and replace the locking mechanism. You can also adjust the lock’s tumblers to ensure that they work properly together. Ultimately, the best way to repair a deadbolt lock is to consult with a professional security services company like ours. We will advise you on the best course of action and offer quick commercial door lock repair services.