Commercial Door Lock Repair - Quick Repair Services

Locks play a significant role when it comes to the security of our business or workplace. Due to general wear and tear or excessive use, these locks become damaged or broken. But there is nothing to worry about as long as Eddie and Sons Locksmith company is there. You can contact our commercial door lock repair services at affordable prices.

No matter how damaged your commercial door lock is, we can fix it. Our commercial entry door locks can be repaired by our quick locksmiths, who are just a call away. Contact us now, and we will serve you the best in Manhattan, NY and its surroundings.

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Types Of Commercial Front Door Locks – We Can Do It With Perfection

Commercial front door locks consist of two parts: a door striker and a door strike or latch. The striker is the handle or activation device, and the latch is the device that engages with the strike to secure the door.

Striker: The striker is a device that is attached to the outside of the door that engages with the inside of the door.

Latch: The latch is a device that secures the inside of the door to a jamb or frame. Its function is to keep the door closed.

Here are the types of commercial door locks:

There are two main types of locks used on commercial doors, mortise locks and cylinder locks. Mortise locks are inserts usually made of brass or stainless steel that fit into cylinder pins. Cylinder locks are tubular inserts usually made of zinc Alloy that fit into mortise holes. Mortise locks are more common on office doors and cylinder locks on storage room doors and warehouses because they offer better security and protection, but they can be more difficult to install in some cases due to limited space between doors. Our experts can repair all kinds of these commercial door locks.

Who To Call For A Quick Commercial Door Lock Repair?

A professional locksmith is the one to call when you are stuck with a broken or damaged lock. Eddie and Sons Locksmith company offers a team of professionals who have all the necessary tools and equipment to offer quick and instant commercial door lock repair service. Eddie and Sons Locksmith commercial locksmith New York City, NY, is also available to get instant and professional help.What Are High-Security Door Locks? Get Them At Our Company

High-security door locks provide the best security to your home or office. They have a higher level of protection than standard door locks and are often used in public buildings such as banks and police stations.

High-security door locks come in different designs, materials, and options. You can choose a series of high-security door locks to suit your needs.

Moreover, high-security door locks are ideal for businesses where the safety of customers and employees is important. They also provide peace of mind to homeowners who value their belongings highly. If you have already installed high-security door locks in your commercial space and need to repair them, you can contact us.

Emergency Repair Services – Get Instant Services

There could be a lot of reasons why you need emergency repair services. For instance, someone has tempered your locks, and they are damaged. In this case, you can contact us. No matter which type of commercial lock you are using, we can help you repair it.