Commercial Front Door Locks – Exceptional In Every Way!

Any electronic or mechanical lock that is rated for commercial usage and suitable for commercial structures and environments, such as offices, warehouses, industrial facilities, enterprises, and other commercial real estate, is referred to as a commercial door lock. Commercial locks must be able to manage the particular requirements of any commercial building, as opposed to locks used in residential premises. Commercial grade door locks are frequently especially safe, robust, and practical for a number of residents. That is why they are mostly preferred by some homeowners. commercial front door locks - Eddie and Sons Locksmith Manhattan, NY From installers to building owners, everyone should know a few or more things about commercial door locks, especially if one intends to use them for their commercial front door locks. They are, after all, important for keeping your property secure.

Commercial Grade Locks-Industry Standard Locks

If you want proper commercial front door locks, then the commercial grade locks will definitely meet the quality standards and specifications required of such locks. The lock grades help building owners, locksmiths, operators, and developers make the best hardware choice when it comes to commercial buildings. The grades are determined by the manufacturer’s association, which is registered with the national standards institute. Therefore, if you require a particular type of grade lock for a commercial purpose, you can trust us at Eddie and Sons Locksmith. We are well aware and have core knowledge of the different types of commercial front door locks and their grades. This way, we will be able to determine the best one for a particular building or structure. Our locksmith NYC is available in Manhattan, NY to take on any commercial lock and key services that you may require. We are also covered by commercial business insurance. So you have nothing to worry about. Simply reach out to us and we will have the best locks delivered and installed as well.

Commercial Front Door Locks-Installation & Repair

Every front door is the first point of entry for any building, whether business or residential. Because of this, the lock must be one that is able to withstand forceful entry or be difficult for anyone to pick. A lock can only withstand a certain level of force. Anything more than that, and it will surely break. The reason for door locks is to make sure not just anybody can gain entry into your home. So, this has to be considered when choosing any commercial front door locks. Eddie and Sons Locksmith is a company in Manhattan, NY, and we are a well-known service provider. We have been able to successfully help with lock installation, repairs, and maintenance. And of course, we never have any issues as our customers always give us positive feedback every time. As a professional outfit, we can easily tell you the best locks for your front door while making sure it meets all your security requirements. You can choose between smart security locks and high-security locks. They offer varying features when it comes to security, but you will surely get the best from them. So, if you have got a commercial real estate, an industrial facility, or a warehouse that you’d like new locks for, give us a call.

Emergency Lockout Service-Swift Response Service

Can a lockout happen with a commercial grade lock? Whether you’ve got a regular security lock or a keyless entry lock installed, a lockout can happen. If your keyless entry lock is electricity powered or runs on battery power, there is a chance that you may experience a power outage at your place of business. This can result in a lock out as most electric locks, if locked at the time, will remain locked, thereby cutting off access to any particular section of the building. But don’t worry, we have got everything under control. When it comes to emergency lockouts, we have technicians standing by. Our technicians are able to find your location and be there in a matter of minutes. Whether you’ve got commercial levers or knobs, it is no problem for us. In most lockout cases that have to do with traditional key locks, our technicians can resolve the issue. However, if you got an electric or magnetic door lock out, then you’d have to wait for the power to come back on. And if it is a battery issue, the battery will need to be replaced. Furthermore, our services are available 24 hours a day. This means you can request our services even in the dead of night. So, in whatever lock and key circumstances and time it occurs, you only need to contact us.