” My friends and I were headed out of the Yankees game. They won so we were happy, laughing, and joking all the way to the car. The only problem was that none of us knew who had the keys last. We searched through all the stuff that we brought with us.  Finally, someone had the brilliant idea to call a locksmith in New York, NY.  We were expecting to pay an arm and a leg but much to our pleasant surprise, it was quite affordable. So, we all pitched in and paid the locksmith that did his job without a hesitating. He had some tools that looked like something they would carry on a spy movie. Not the typical tools I was used to seeing. It was simple for him. I know what was going through all our minds. We could have done that if we had that little tool. By then it didn’t matter. The door was unlocked and we finally could leave the parking lot. I was relieved that it didn’t even matter where the keys were. Luckily, we found them under the driver’s seat.”