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A hotel, a dormitory, a sorority house, a school, an office building always has many rooms and chambers – and they all have to be accessible to the staff for cleaning, maintenance and repair works. However, the staff can’t parade around with dozens, hundreds of different keys: they need a master key that gives them access to all rooms (while individual keys still open one and only one room). Make things easy for your people, and order a Eddie and Sons Locksmith Expert Locksmith in New York City master key system so that they can do the work they are hired for without spending time with casting about for the right key!

Eddie and Sons Locksmith Expert NYC ready for peephole installation

Whether you are an elderly person who has a little money saved or a young mom living alone with an infant, you have every reason to be a little paranoid. You read the crime statistics in the newspaper, you hear the news every evening. You know that you cannot trust people and that you cannot open the door to everybody who knocks on it. But what if you could also SEE the person who wants to get admission to your sanctuary? Wouldn’t it make you a little more secure? If so, call Eddie and Sons Locksmith Affordable Locksmith NYC and order a peephole installation today 646-459-4358

Expert Locksmith NYC locksmith helps you get your safes unlocked

We all forget our codes, passwords and PINs sometimes. And as it happens, sometimes we forget the code that goes with our safes, especially when we have recently modified it. It can be a real nuisance not to remember! Sometimes the only thing that can help us is a professional who helps to get those safes unlocked. It is exactly this emergency service that is offered by Eddie and Sons Locksmith Expert and cheap Locksmith NYC. Do not hesitate to call 646-459-4358 – and do not worry, discretion is our middle name, we won’t tell anyone that you forgot the code:).

Window gates from professional locksmiths: security and style

Do you have a window so low that people walking on the street can actually take a peek inside? A terrace that you cannot really protect from intruders? Or a window too close to the fire exit? In these cases, window gates can solve your problem of yearning for security. If you do not want to feel like you are in jail, though, stop looking around and call our locksmith 10014 so that he can offer you not only security, but STYLE, too! We pay attention to the details. So do not hesitate, check out this months’ sale and place your order!