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Don’t consult an ordinary locksmith when you need extra ignition switch keys. Risking the vehicle’s ignition switch for few bucks is not a wise decision. Our staff has got their hands on manufacturing ignition keys task for 10 years. That’s right, it has been 10 years since our technicians have been dealing with different car keys and ignition issues. Our experience has been with trucks, sports cars, domestic vans, etc. Eddie and Sons 24 Hour Locksmith NY is willing to help if you call us and hire our services. The service delivery will be ensured in the way you want.

Getting Locks Rekeyed Saves Plenty Of Money And Time

It will take couple hours to go to the market and purchase a new lock. At the same time, you would have to spend money on purchasing and installing the lock. In comparison to this, we are suggesting you to spend small amount of money on hiring locks rekeyed service. It is the ideal solution when your house keys have been lost or stolen. You will get to save precious money and time by opting for this option. Eddie and Sons 24Hr Locksmith is available 24/7 at 646-459-4358 to answer your queries.

Padlocks Are Back In Trend Big Time

Just like fashion, security devices also seem to come back in trend. What are we talking about? Padlocks are being demanded highly by people these days. It is the security device which fulfills all security requirements. Security brands all around the globe have started to manufacture new models of padlocks while inserting latest technology based mechanism. The rigidity is further improved allowing the people to have complete faith in them. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Fast Emergency Locksmith NY recommends you to use padlocks for securing valuable items such as equipment at commercial sites.

Remove Broken Keys On Your Own Is A Mistake

Many people try to remove broken keys on their own. Majority of them fail while damaging the lock mechanism whereas few are able to successfully remove the key. From our 20 years of industry experience, we can tell that every broken key case is not the same. A person not belonging to locksmith industry cannot solve the case when a complex task is at hand. While trying to save few bucks you might lead to a greater damage such lock mechanism failure. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Fast Emergency Locksmith NY is not having high charges for all the professional locksmith near me services.