Eddie and Sons Locksmith House Lockout Service


Who said master keys should only be the traditional keys that you carry around? At Eddie and Sons Locksmith House Lockout Services, we can install master key systems that do not need a key to open and close. With the advancement in technology, our expertise has advanced as well. Now you can simply give verbal commands to the front door of your office and voila, it opens up. Such systems are highly developed and are programmed to recognize and activate upon ‘hearing’ your voice. It almost feels like you are actually commanding a gate-man to open the door.

The need to have keys copied

It is always good to play safe when it comes to matters security. Having an extra key copy is not only good but also desirable especially when we lose the only key we had. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith broken locks Services, we can help you have your keys copied to your exact specification and preference. We have years of experience in this field and take the shortest time possible. We also pay attention to detail and work hand in hand with our clients to match their needs. To ensure that we get everything right when doing this, we have modern key cutting machines and a team of well trained locksmiths.

Have your locks re-keyed to keep out former occupants

When you have moved to a house that was previously occupied by other people, it is prudent to have the locks re-keyed so that you effectively lock them out. You never know what kind of people they were. For this reason, Eddie and Sons Locksmith NYC House Lockout Services brings you unparalleled re-keying services at affordable prices. Similarly, if your office has moved to a new address, call us to reconfigure how the locks function. This way, you are sure that you are the only custodian of your keys and you will never have to worry about your security in future.

Discover the leading vehicle locks in the market

At Eddie and Sons Locksmith Reliable House Lockout Services, we have unrivaled expertise in the supply, installation and repair of vehicle locks for all vehicle makes and types. We believe in cutting edge technology, convenience and security for all our customers. Other suppliers may not have as much experience as we do. In addition, they may supply non-certified locks. While it is illegal to supply substandard car locks, it is also not good to install faulty locks. To be on the safe side rely on our locks all the time. Invite your friends to enjoy our security hardware as well.