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Ignition is an essential part of the motor system. An ignition system creates a spark or warms an electrode, which heats up to cause a fuel-air combination. Sometimes, this process is impeded by certain faults, and an ignition repair may be needed. Eddie and Sons Locksmith is the company to call for such a need.

Ignition Service

If you find yourself with a bad ignition switch, or your key just won’t turn in the ignition, then your best and the only option is Eddie and Sons Locksmith. Some of the many solutions we proffer are ignition key replacement, replace ignition, or even install new ignition. Our car locksmith NYC can also work with your transponder keys to give you the best solution for a key stuck in ignition. There is no telling when that trouble will start with your car switch, which is why you have a locksmith company like ours on speed dial for a swift solution. No matter the type of vehicle you drive, we can most definitely fix the situation without causing further trouble for you.

Don’t let that car trouble spoil your day. You can still meet up with that important meeting or get that career-changing interview. Give us a call today!

Ignition - Eddie and Sons Locksmith-Manhattan, NY

Key Stuck in Ignition-Leading Experts!

When, unfortunately, you have a key stuck in ignition, don’t be tempted to try to get it out by force, as this can cause further damage to the ignition. Instead, what you should do is bring the situation to the attention of a specialist who would be able to figure out what went wrong. It might be a simple matter of a key stuck in ignition, but it can also be a complex issue where the whole system needs to be replaced. However, should you find yourself in such a situation, we are the company to call any time of the day.

Replace Ignition-Better And Reliable

As mentioned previously, when the damage is severe, the only solution might be to replace ignition. For instance, you misplace your car key and then resort to a drastic measure by trying to turn the ignition with a screwdriver. This may work, but it can adversely affect your car’s ignition system, which can lead to replacing the entire system. To replace ignition, you need the expertise of a professional, and we offer more than just that to our customers. Our company is comprised of top professionals who specialize in different aspects of the industry.

Install New Ignition-The Best Available

There are times when the ignition won’t respond to the key’s turn. Now, this may be totally due to a faulty ignition system, but it could also be the car’s battery. However, if the fault lies with the system, then we may need to install new ignition. Everyone knows that without a working ignition system, it is not possible to start a car unless you hotwire it. To install new ignition, you need to hire the best locksmith for the job, and we have them in abundance our locksmith company.

Ignition Key Replacement: Let's Cut The Right One For You!

When you require an ignition key replacement, you should contact the appropriate locksmith. Installing a new ignition is not the same as replacing the ignition key replacement. The focus is the key, and that’s if you have either misplaced or accidentally broken it. This is when a replacement key will be made for you to continue using your car. Having the wrong keys can also affect the long-term performance of your ignition system. Make sure you hire the best possible locksmith in Manhattan, NY, for the job.

24/7 Availability

Anything can happen to your car at any point in time, and an ignition system failure is one of those things. Rest assured that Eddie and Sons Locksmith is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for any locksmith Bronx NY needs you may have. We are fast, efficient, and reliable.


Usually, it is not noticeable until it gets really serious. However, some signs to look out for may include a key stuck in the ignition for a few seconds, longer periods before combustion (this can also be due to a bad battery connection or a dead one altogether), and your ignition fighting the turn of a key. All of this should be addressed swiftly.

If you have your key stuck in ignition, the first thing you should try not to do is force the key out or force it to turn. Simply call a locksmith nearby to help out with the ignition situation.

Oftentimes, it is better to replace ignition if it has started giving you a tough time. Our ignition system expert can help out with that solution. You will have a replacement that works fine and takes in the key smoothly.

It is very likely that you will be able to install new ignition by yourself. However, you must have done it before or have the technical know-how to get it done. But if you don’t think you can, then an ignition locksmith expert is who you should call.

If your ignition is broken or misplaced, then an ignition key replacement is the only solution you may have, especially when you have a classic or an older car model. Most cars come with remote lock systems these days, so unless you want that installed, then that is your only option.

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