Eddie and Sons Locksmith – Install New Ignition


We are an experienced campaigner in the locksmith industry. Our business started its journey by offering limited number of services. Our top management introduced other services with the passage of time. Car ignition repairing and replacement comes under our jurisdiction. Don’t try to solve the issue yourself. We deal with numerous kinds of cases for ignition malfunctioning. Install new ignition service is deliverable as per customer requests. Eddie and Sons Bronx Locksmith has the staff available 24 hours for 365 days a year. Numerous such cases are dealt with everyday. Feel free to hire us.

Identifying Whether You Need To Install New Ignition Switch

We are here to inform you about the signs which help you identify if the ignition switch is malfunctioning. Unlike other car issues, you cannot deal with ignition malfunctioning on your own. It is a complex task to install new ignition switch. The major signs include lights getting dim, radio disconnecting and meter light not being normal. On the other hand, if your key is not functioning smoothly then the outer part of switch is also malfunctioning. Install new ignition service can be delivered 7 days a week. Let us know your car brand and model in advance.

Takes A Lot Of Time To Install Ignition But Eddie and Sons Locksmith Promises To Be Efficient

Unlike other car issues, replace ignition isn’t simple. It cannot be handled by a person not belonging to professional field. Eddie and Sons Locksmith is the one you can trust in this situation. The process starts with identifying actual issue in the ignition. The batteries are unwired while the steering is also opened up. Numerous screws have to be removed before ignition can be installed. The task is complex but our staffs are experienced. We don’t need more than couple of hours to finish off the task.

Keys Locked In Trunk Situation Could Be Highly Frustrating

You cannot actually avoid a car lockout situation. All you can do is to be more careful. It is not going to work all the time. We receive several calls regarding keys locked in trunk situation. Our aim is to cater these people right away as the car might be needed for some important task anytime. We can help you in this case. Our experience in the field is immense. Your keys will be in your hands soon. Just pick up the phone and dial our number now.