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As part of our core business, we supply, install, and repair car security systems that use transponder keys. One observation that we have made is that most car owners especially those who buy cars for the first time do not know what a transponder key look like, and we understand why. The idea is still new to many people. While a transponder key uses high-tech mechanism to open and close your car doors, it is hardly distinguishable from ordinary car keys. In fact, there is only a small difference. While our transponder key has a microchip on its tip, ordinary keys do not. To have one installed in your call, call Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Midtown East now.

How our window gates operate

The phenomenon of securing house windows with gates is fairly new in the world today. However, Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Midtown East prides itself in being the leading supplier, installation, and repair provider. While you can have manual window gates installed, discover the convenience of powered gates. As a rule of the thumb, a window gate should be easy to operate. This is because you never know when a burglar may strike. For this reason, call Eddie and Sons Fast Locksmith NYC Midtown  today and have your windows secured. Not only do our gates prevent invasion, they also provide an ideal evacuation exit in the case of fire.

Read independent reviews about our magnetic locks

When a person recommends you his/her products or services, you may not believe him 100%. After all, s/he may just be blowing his own trumpet. However, when you hear about the reliability of such products and services from a third party, you will be convinced and inclined to believe in them. This is the case with magnetic locks from Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Midtown East. There are several reviews on all our locks, window gates, and peephole installations. Similarly, read about our services such as installation, repair, servicing, and maintenance. It is best to read reviews from independent analysts.

We are listed on local as well as national commerce websites for new locks installation

Are you in need of locks installation services? Search online and discover our products and services from trusted business directories and listings. For example, you will find us on your local yellow pages sites that list suppliers and experts of new locks installation. If you cannot find us on your designated list, add an additional key word to your search. For example if you live in New York City, type installation of new locks in NYC. Alternatively, if you are in Washington, type Washington new locks for doors. If they fail, call Eddie and Sons Locksmith Midtown West NYC directly on 646-459-4358.

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