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Eddie and Suns locksmith Locksmith in Midtown West

Did you know that there are a set of regulations surrounding the provision of car lockout services? One of these guidelines is to use recommended tools, equipment, and machines. In addition, anyone doing repairs should be dressed in the right attires. As contravening the regulations is a crime, you could be prosecuted and jailed or your permit suspended. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith NYC Midtown West, we keep a database of those regulations and update ourselves regularly. That way, we avoid getting in trouble with the law. More importantly, we protect our customers, technicians, and vehicles from suffering potential injuries or damage.

Secure your weapons with our gun locks

So you are an ambitious collector of antique guns and items of warfare. This naturally comes with the installation of high security locks, safes, or vaults to keep away intruders. It is a prudent idea to install gun locks from Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Midtown East for your guns. Moreover, we offer exceptional services when it comes to opening safes and vaults used to store firearms and other important documents. Having dealt with thousands of locksmithing issues revolving around the security of weapons such as guns, we are better positioned to surpass your expectations in this regard.

Discover high security locks that your budget can afford

What budget do you have for your security locks? It does not matter how much money you want to spend, what matters is the quality of products and service you will get at your budget. Everybody needs a proper security plan at his house or work place. After all, the government may never assure you security 100%. In this regard, call 646-459-4358 to invest in affordable yet high security locks from Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Midtown West today. If you live in an area that is prone to burglary, settle for more advanced locks to effectively deal with the menace once and for all.

Have as many keys copied, as you desire

Do many people access your premises? Have keys copied such that each person has his own key. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Midtown West, we are the premier locksmith NYC for copying of keys of all types, shapes, and sizes. When you invest in our services, we will mint as many copies of the same key as you require. The advantage with this service is that your office or workplace will function seamlessly because employees do not have to wait for the manager to bring the keys. As each one of them has a copy, he or she can gain access and start his or her duties right away.