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Finding reliable experts to avail 24/7 service is not utopian. No, not at Eddie and Sons Locksmith in New York. With years of dedication comes the experience of providing unrivalled services and customer satisfaction at any time of the day anywhere we are needed. Professionalism and speed is what gets us to serve you better every time. As a home to the nation’s most reliable and trusted experts, there is no better place to look when you have an emergency or when you just want a job done at an odd hour or day. Call us now and get the most reliable specialists working for you.

Speedy car lock out services

Eddie and Sons Locksmith NYC is the best place to look when it comes to getting your car unlocked. We offer the fastest and most reliable car lock out services anywhere in the country, any time of the day and at any day in the year. We have dynamic methods that keep in tandem with the ever changing car lock systems. This enables us to provide low cost services by eradicating the need to replace keys or locks. Our methods are as though we used a key. Our rechnicians get proper training to ensure professionalism and efficiency with every task you call us to handle. Call us now.

Maximize gun safety with gun locks

Our company in New York has partnered with major gun locks manufacturers in the country to ensure that there is safety when handling fire arms by using a wide range of gun locking mechanisms. Safety for us is a priority in any area. We supply, repair and replace firearm safety locks for transportation and storage of pistols, short guns, tactical weapons and rifles. We are proud in helping you ensure that your guns are only used by authorized persons and for intended reasons only. Call us and let us help you keep your fire arms safe and secure.

High security locks for residential doors

If you are looking for high security locks for residential doors, then it is more than just safety that you are considering. Style and finish of the locks also come in. The beauty of Eddie and Sons locksmith near me in New York services is that we combine these two aspects to ensure you have the best of both worlds. We have a spectrum of locks you can choose from. All we want is that you feel safe in your place of stay. Call us now on 646-459-4358 and get your residence secured at the best rates anywhere in the industry.

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