Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Upper West Side NY


Peepholes on your doors give you a chance to see what is happening outside. Therefore, it is a must to have these features on your doors as they can help you prevent an untoward incident or attacks. To ensure you have appropriate peepholes you need to select peephole installation services from experienced and talented providers like Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Upper West Side. Our expertise in installation services has made us the number one choice for a number of customers. We provide these services to you using the latest tools and equipment. What’s more, these services can be delivered at quick notice and within your limited budget.

To remove broken keys at your place you need patience and technique

A combination of technique and patience is required if you were to remove broken keys from locks. A small mistake here or there can render your lock useless. A locks specialist like Upper West Side Locksmith can easily help you with these endeavors. We have a team of experienced locksmiths that are specifically into providing these kinds of services. We have been at it for a number of years and love helping out our customers. We employ the best in gadgets to help remove the keys from locks and enable them to be used again efficiently. Reach out to us anytime during the day and we will be delighted to serve you!

How about security systems that will assure you of safety 24/7?

Security systems come in different forms but serve the same purpose – securing the place where they are directed. The advancements in the field of technology have meant that these systems are now made available in the market using different features and techniques. You therefore need to select the one that is most appropriate to your needs. Kinds of system that will guarantee you safety cover 24/7. In this regard, Locksmith in Upper West Side can be of immense help to you. Our services and products are always up to date and are designed to give you unparalleled experience at all times. Make sure you check them out at the earliest.

Getting vehicle locks matching your needs is now easy

Vehicle locks come in different types. If you get the right ones for your vehicle then you can easily expect the vehicle to function as well as it can. If you have been shopping around for these locks and haven’t been that lucky, then worry not. Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Upper West Side, one of the leading providers of security items in the market today can certainly help you identify the right ones. Place a bulk order for these keys with us and look forward to getting attractive discounts. We can be reached at 646-459-4358. We are open to delivering locks and keys across multiple locations 24/7.

Consider us to work evenings!

As a leading service provider in the security industry, Locksmith in Upper West Side is available to carry out your works round-the-clock. We understand how frustrating it can be in not getting adequate help during emergencies. If you are less secured, chances are that you will up messing up a lot of things. This is where an expert’s solution can be of use to you. We can work evenings too if you feel mornings are not suitable to you. Our dedicated team of professionals is always up to your task and is just a phone call away from you. Give us a call today and see the work done quickly.