Eddie and Sons Locksmith New York City


Few years ago getting new or duplicated car keys while sitting at home was not possible. It was a must to visit the locksmith’s outlet. We changed the whole scenario couple of years ago. Eddie and Sons Locksmith New York City allows you to get as many car keys made as you want while sitting at home and enjoying the favorite TV show. All we need is your car keys or access to the ignition switch. Within 10 to 15 minutes, the keys will be manufactured and provided to you. We serve our dearest customers in the most convenient manner.

Master Key System Prevents Your Kids From Creating Mess

Taking care of kids is a tough task. They have endless energy all day long. It makes them create mess in the house. Do you want to prevent it from happening? Master key system is the simplest solution for you. Enjoy accessing every room with the master key. Keep the separate room keys in a locker or safe. In this way, kids won’t be able to find the room keys and you will have a mess free house. Eddie and Sons Discount Locksmith New York, NY is installing the master key system for mediocre price. To get more details just dial 646-459-4358.

Get your vehicle keys made by professionals

At Eddie and Sons Best Locksmith New York City, we have automobile locksmiths who can get your vehicle keys made very fast upon request. All we will need is to have a look at your vehicle and the locking system in place. Our Bronx Locksmith will then begin working using their tools and craft and in a short while, you will have a new set of keys for your vehicle. You no longer have to visit your car dealer or mechanic any longer for a vehicle key. Our experts blend harmoniously the skills of an IT expert, mechanic, engineers and other relevant skills to get your key done promptly.

Improve the security of your home with the installation of window gates

Since windows are the weakest parts of most homes, they serve as a preferred entry point for intruders. To prevent this from happening, you can always contact Eddie and Sons Locksmith New York City for the best services and products on window gates. We not only make them functional but at the same time cosmetic due to the excellent craftsmanship of our staff. By the time we are through with your windows, your home will be highly secure from intrusion from these points. Our services are very affordable and our team is honest and friendly.