Eddie and Sons Locksmith Mul-T-Lock


Just like you, every individual in our management team goes out for shopping of various goods every day. We also feel that it’s good to have a few options before purchasing a particular commodity. Due to this, Eddie and Sons Locksmith has kept on increasing the number of brands available with us. Now, you can purchase exceptional Mul-T-Lock products from us. We believe in achieving no less than 100% customer satisfaction rate. Our management hopes that you like all Mul-T-Lock devices. Let us know your precious feedback. We will be waiting for your response.

40 Years Of History Backs Mul-T-Lock Devices

Would you prefer a new heavily marketed brand or the one with rich history? Majority of the people would choose the older brand. That would be the right decision. In this case, whenever you need to purchase a security device go for Mul-T-Lock. It is a brand with history of 40 years and known for producing innovative security devices. Mul-T-Lock devices are available with us. There are many brands with plenty of history backing them. However, not many brands have earned this much respect and acceptance worldwide as Mul-T-Lock.

Get Lock Installation Service At Half Charges From Eddie and Sons Locksmith

As a new promotion, Eddie and Sons Locksmith NYC is providing discounted charges for installation of new locks. If you haven’t purchased the lock yet, consider contacting our representative. Mention all your requirements so that our representative could suggest a suitable option. You can hire the new locks installation service anytime of the day. We recommend customers to call earlier and book services. Our management gives more priority to customers who make reservation with us. Either way, you have to bear same charges. Our technicians have become expert in locks installation. Always inform us on the phone about lock type.

Every Place Needs Mul-T-Lock Devices For Security Reasons

Security is a must for every building in the world. You need to apply cameras, monitors, door locks, security systems, digital locks and all other devices to secure different places. Mul-T-Lock is a brand which focuses on mass market needs rather than producing devices for only a specific niche. You can purchase all the devices manufactured by this brand from us. The latest 2014 batch of security locks is now on sale. We deliver the product at your place. In this way, you could ask us any questions and we will be able to give a demo on how to use the device.