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Before starting business you must have made a list of initial expenses. Consider you forgot to add one expense to the list. High security locks are important when it comes to securing business assets. These locks are expensive but worth every penny you pay. It’s a onetime investment which you have to make considering today’s crime rate. Our staff can show every feature of high security locks. Demo is provided before you purchase the lock. Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Upper West Side has opened the helpline for 24 hours. Call on 646-459-4358.

Keys Copied Service Is Delivered Within Few Minutes

Do you require extra keys at home? It is important you let us know the requirements. Our management will take care of them before service delivery. You can mention the time and place of your choice for service delivery. That’s right, we copy keys at customer’s location. How does it happen? Keys copied service is deliverable at any day. We will bring the machinery and equipment in a radio dispatched van. Our staff will copy the key in front of your eyes. Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Upper East Side makes locksmith services convenient for customers. Click here for more information.

When our 24/7 service is there for you, there is nothing to worry

There will be a reason to worry about when no help is there for you. But in case of Eddie and Sons Locksmith there is no problem as such. Whenever there is an emergency, just think of us. Our 24/7 service means you are never short of help, anytime and anywhere. We have experienced technicians willing to work on your projects and deliver the results in tune with your expectations. We are not just proud to provide our services round-the-clock, but we can deliver them to you at unbeatable rates! These kinds of services are virtually unheard of in the industry! But it has been made possible through us.

Break-in repairs services that will work for you!

There are quite a few options in front of you when you are confronted with a situation like broken windows, broken doors, etc. You can either have them replaced entirely or get them repaired by an expert provider. The former may look simpler, however they can be expensive or you may go wrong with the new selection. Instead, you can get the damaged or broken items repaired at your place from an expert like Eddie and Sons Locksmith NYC We have lots of experience in providing break-in repairs solutions to a number of applications. You too can opt for them by calling!

Peephole installation can help you avoid false door alarms

As more and more technologically advanced security hardware are introduced into the market, burglars’ have resorted to ringing the door bells and wait for the door to be opened so that they can launch an attack. You therefore need to know who is on the other side of the door before opening. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith, we do peephole installation on different types of doors. Our Upper West Side locksmith is fully equipped with different drill bits for the installation of peepholes on different door materials. Within 15 minutes of arriving at your home, the whole job will be complete.

Alter your locks keys by rekeying them

If you doubt that someone has obtained your keys falsely, then the best thing to do is to alter the locks functionality. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith, we offer rekeying services at affordable rates. Our experts are highly trained in this and can rekey your locks such that the normal keys cannot open them again. Other than having to buy new locks all together, you can still use your old lock without worrying of someone being able to open them illegally. Security is our main business and that is why we do it with passion.

Have your safes and vaults opened by qualified professionals

Do you have jewelry safes, gun safes or document safes that you would like opened? At Marty Security Locks, we pride ourselves with the ability to have our clients’ safes and vaults opened without breaking them. We are always armed with the right tools when coming for the job and thus we do not attempt to use unnecessary tools to do the job. We also value our clients’ items, safes and vaults and that is why we do not do anything that will either spoil the safe or its contents.