Residential Locksmith Services – Affordable Services Ever!




Generally, it is thought that residential locksmith services are costly. This is because they make use of high technology-based tools and expert services. It is a fact. The tools and mechanisms used in some of the latest locking systems are very costly. The cost depends upon the type of locks you install in your homes. For example, WiFi-operated or keypad locks usually are high in cost. However, Eddie And Sons Locksmith is well known for providing all the locks and key services at very reasonable prices.

Residential Locksmith Services - Eddie And Sons Locksmith, Manhattan, NY

Everyone can easily afford our work. We not only offer affordable prices, but at the same time, we don’t compromise on the quality of our work. This is our utmost quality. You can avail high-quality residential locksmith services at reasonable prices with us. That is why our clients consistently rely on our work and recommend us repeatedly.

24/7 Emergency Residential Locksmith Services!

What could happen if you misplaced your house keys or left them inside your home. This situation will be a home lockout. It will leave you all terrified and troubled to unlock door because you wouldn’t know what to do in such a case. Sometimes, this can happen at odd hours, like late night or early morning. This worsens the situation because, at such a time, you can’t find any locksmith to serve you. But you don’t need to worry when Residential Locksmith NYC is available.

Our emergency residential locksmith services are functional 24/7, and we are always there for you even if you contact us past midnight. We have a special emergency team that caters to your lockout situations. You need to call us any time, and our urgent service members will reach out to you as soon as possible. We assure you to always bring you out of your problem.

Rekeying Residential Locks Made Easy!

Rekeying is a procedure that involves changing the keys while the locks remain the same. This process of rekeying has brought revolutionary changes in residential locksmith services. For example, what would you do if you had made a cluster of all your home keys and misplaced them? Either you will change all the locks, or you will change only the keys. Yes, this is rekeying. Rekeying prevents you from the trouble of locks changing. Only the grooves inside the locks are molded, and keys are made according to that. Isn’t it amazing? We have top experts who are pro in rekeying the locks; this makes you tension free. We provide high-quality services in lock rekeying so that previous keys won’t operate with the old ones. This will make your house all secure and safe, once again.

Moving Into A New House? We Are Here For You!

The safest place one considers is their own home. What if its doors and locks aren’t secured using some not-so-reliable locks? Your safety is compromised, which nobody would want for them or their families. That’s why it is essential for anyone who has started building a new house to have a contract with a professional-level expert locksmith. We offer our residential locksmith services in Manhattan, NY, for this purpose. Hire our expert Locksmiths, and you won’t regret it a bit. Following is the list of some locks commonly used in residential buildings.

  • Keypad Lock
  •  Deadbolt lock
  •  Chain lock
  •  Padlock
  •  Cylinder locks
  •  Door knob locks
  •  Sliding door locks

The most commonly used and most secure of these mentioned above is a deadbolt lock.We offer installation and timely maintenance of our installed locks. Hire our residential team for your new house building contract. You will never regret this decision of hiring us.

We Have Professional Experts In The Field.

When working with a locksmith, the principal characteristic you must consider in them should be the quality of work they provide. Rest include their punctuality, professionalism, and others. This is because if you avail of low-cost services, you might not get your job done up to the mark. In the same way, if you want top-class service, they won’t come at affordable prices. But Eddie And Sons Locksmith guarantees you the opposite. With us, you can get top-class and high-quality work at very pocket-friendly prices. Our locksmiths are highly trained and skilled in their work. They are licensed and have been working in the field for ages. The client we serve, and we don’t have a single doubt about the work we provide.

Our clients are always left happy and satisfied with the work we provide. You can also contact us anytime in Manhattan, NY, and get served in the best possible way. Hire us to see if we deliver what we say.