Eddie and Sons Locksmith Segal Locks


Our reputation is entirely based on the products and services we offer to customers. Being a locksmith, our main job is to deliver effective services. On the other hand, Eddie and Sons Locksmith NYC likes to provide perfect lock devices by gaining the supply from top security brands. We have lately agreed a deal with Segal, a brand which came into existence in 1912. You will be able to get your hands on a huge range of Segal security devices. The brand offers most affordable price range in the entire industry. Call us right now.

Getting To Know The History Of Segal

There is a starting point for everything in the world. Segal is named after its inventor, Samuel Segal. He was a New York Police Officer in the early 20th century. At that time, people were extremely scared to answer the door bell due to common scenarios of theft taking place. The officer designed and manufactured Segal lock to ensure 100% safety for residential users. The lock gained acceptance from the public very quickly. In this way, Samuel Segal decided to start producing a wide range of security devices which would solve every security issue.

Call Eddie and Sons Locksmith If You Face An Emergency Situation

We can understand if you don’t hire us for the usual lock and security issues. However, when it’s an emergency then we are your best option. What is the reason behind it? Our management has deployed radio dispatched vans formula to cater customers. It reduces 90% of the travelling time while allowing technicians to reach customer’s location in no time at all. Eddie and Sons Locksmith is looking forward to be your savior in the hour of need. Always explain your situation over the phone. Our technicians need maximum information to plan for the service.

Segal Is Based On Continuous Innovation And Improvement

In 1955, Segal got featured in the Locksmith Ledger for the brand’s continuous innovation. It not only helped boosting the locksmith field but actually provided security solutions to people. The product line of Segal is based on padlocks, chains, rekeying accessories, door dumpers, deadlocks, dumbwaiter latches, window locks, key cutting machines, cylinders, night latches and anti rattler. You can find all these devices in the market. With Segal, you can always expect to be delivered an efficient, effective and innovative security solution. Trust our word and go for this brand.

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