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Eddie and Suns locksmith SoHo Locksmith

Eddie and Sons Locksmith SoHo NYC is the best locksmith near me in town. Our licensed and bonded experts provide all forms of service for all the residents and businesses of SoHo. We have the stats to prove that SoHo has the highest concentration of locked out lovers in Manhattan. Because of this, the City of New York has granted us special permission to break into apartments.

Our professionals secure your home

Eddie and Sons East Village Locksmith and SoHo NYC Locksmith has very high standards. We hire only the most skilled technicians, and then we train the even more until they are absolutely proficient in all of our services. We use the most advanced techniques and technologies, because we know what it takes to secure your home.

Call 646-459-4358 for a 10% discount

Call Eddie and Sons commercial locksmith NYC now at 646-459-4358 for a 10% discount on your service. We take our work seriously. We really have a real license, we are bonded and insured for damages and have many repeating customers. We are much more professional as experts than as writers.

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