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Generally, burglars use windows and patio doors as their main means of access to homes and businesses. A tilted window is not any different from an open window and burglars have perfected the art of prying tilted windows using a screw driver in a matter of seconds. However, even a closed typical does not pose as any serious obstacle to them. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Sos Locksmith NYC provides appropriate window locks, even for tilted windows. So in case you have any problems, head to us for professional advice, quick and maximum solutions.

Sos Locksmith NYC for homes unlocked

When you are at party and between the party you realize that your keys are lost don’t be panic or scared. Don’t be in chaos just keep on enjoying we are there to help you till your party is over we will be there at your home top open door for you with the help of technician who are on their toes to help you at anytime and anywhere. In Eddie and Sons 24 Hour Locksmith NYC is famous for providing the best renowned service provider. We believe in quality and we do not compensate with quality and effectiveness of service. So you need to just call us at 646-434-1119.

Install master key systems in no time for reliability

Your office, workstation are important places where you have to be very much alert from external sources that may cause damage to your asset as well confidential data related to your organization or business .you need to be very careful. So we do think the same we are there to provide robust and strong and effective solution at your desk. Use of master keys can help you in case of losing your primary keys. At last make a master key and keep along with you which help you at any instance.

Professional of Sos Locksmith NYC for making Keys copied

You don’t know when you will lose your keys in hurry. So it is better that you crate copied keys of your original key. You will have an extra pair with you, in case of emergency it will provide you a sigh of relief and you will be happy. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Sos Locksmith Near Me West Village NYC are there to help you at the door step. Making duplicate but strong and hard keys that will be used when you lose your keys .when you are free or at weekends you can visit or we can be at doorstep to make keys for you. As motto of our is to provide quality service and timely service to all customer in city.