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Transponder keys are remote keys that have built-in chips that send signals to a receiver. The receiver gets the signal and responds accordingly. Transponder keys can be used for your home, office, or car. Transponder keys are mostly common with cars, and Eddie and Sons Locksmith can install, repair, and replace them for you.

Transponder Keys Service

Eddie and Sons Locksmith are most notable locksmith Manhattan NY, for superior locksmith services. Resolving transponder keys issues should be the least of our concerns. So, if you need transponder key programming or would like to get a transponder key replacement, we are the number one transponder key service provider. Our car locksmith NYC experts are super-efficient when it comes to transponder key reprogramming and remote locking system repairs. This could be for your car, home, or office building and can be modified to fit your specific needs. Perhaps you need duplicate transponder keys. You should get in touch with our professionals for a transponder key copy. Rest assured that we are the best at what we do, and the city is aware of this fact. We are always standing by to attend to any car remotes key’s needs. Call us now, and you won’t be disappointed.

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Transponder Key Programming-Top Professional Programmers!

Transponder keys need to be programmed to work with a receiver efficiently. The receiver shares a code with the key, which is accepted upon the key’s signal. This has become a means of security for many cars, and the right transponder key programming guarantees this. When the wrong code is used, it becomes a problem to unlock your car or door. The code must match with that of the car’s receiver, which is why you need a good programmer for the transponder key programming, especially when you’ve got a replacement. Call us right now for the best service!

Transponder Key Replacement-Better Than The Best!

Unfortunately, transponder keys can get damaged or get lost. When this happens, a transponder key replacement is just what you need. You should always make sure that when getting a transponder key replacement, a professional is employed for the job. You definitely don’t want the wrong key programs. The wrong programming can affect the security of your car. We are known in Manhattan, NY, for our experience and expertise, which is why you can trust us to get the job done. However, you shouldn’t wait till your key is lost or misplaced. It is advisable to get a duplicate key just in case.

Transponder Key Reprogramming And Remote Locking System Repairs

Isn’t it true that keys are just keys? Isn’t an automobile key simply a larger version of a house key? This is a rather common notion for the majority of us. We don’t give any thought to how a key works; all we know is that it does. Well, you may want to give some thought when it doesn’t work; because then you will need a transponder key reprogramming and remote locking system repairs. Transponder keys experts such as our company can handle any transponder key reprogramming and remote locking system repairs. Call us now!

Transponder Key Copy: We Are More Than Capable Of The Job!

Recently, locksmith near me has been receiving a lot of inquiries concerning transponder keys and how to obtain duplicates. For example, many automobile owners go to their dealership but end up having to pay extra to get their remote keys cloned. The fact that locksmiths may assist with a transponder key copy is not well known. To replace remote vehicle keys and program new ones, locksmiths utilize the same technology that auto dealerships do. They are capable of producing a fully working transponder key copy with a chip for a fraction of the cost.

Why Choose Us?

For sure, you don’t want some wack working on your transponder key. While it may be more appealing to visit your car dealership for any kind of key programming or duplicates, you can get this same service for an even lower cost. Choose us for the quality and affordability of our services.


Well, many people are of the opinion that only a car dealership can attend to transponder key services. But this is not true, as a locksmith company can provide such services as well. It is even less expensive with a locksmith.

As you may be aware, transponder keys are meant to make your car more secure. Bad transponder key programming can mean that your car won’t respond to the wrong signal from the key because of bad programming. Employ our services and enjoy satisfaction with the job done.

You can replace your transponder keys at any time you need, irrespective of still having the original one. We have a capable locksmith for your transponder key replacement service needs.

You can definitely trust us to get the best transponder key reprogramming and remote locking system repairs done satisfactorily. With the right tools and expertise, your transponder keys are definitely in good hands. Get across to us for a proper service.

Our transponder keys specialist will handle everything regarding your transponder key copy service. We have the necessary tools to make sure your key copies are perfectly made. You basically just need to stand by while we get the job done. 

Transponder Keys Services