Unlock Door – Home Lock Out Made Easy!


The most common lockout we encounter in our daily life work is a Home lockout. We come across people who left their keys inside their homes. Or, some people misplace their keys anywhere and couldn’t recall where. Some people left their house keys at their workplaces and now can’t return due to increased distances. All these and many more similar situations can put one into trouble and tension. In such cases, you can carry out some simple tricks to unlock door. A few of them are :

  •  Use household items like hair pins, screwdrivers, or paper clips to open the door.
  •  In the case of a spring lock, push it from outside by using a slit-like card.
  •  Use another key and try unlocking the door.

If any of these hacks did not go well with you and you’re still stuck with the problem, now is the time to call a locksmith. Eddie And Sons Locksmith is here for you whenever you need a locksmith in such a situation. We have experts and skilled personnel that are pros in dealing with these situations. Contact our residential locksmith NYC services; we bring with us all the necessary tools and gadgets that can be used to unlock door from outside.

Unlock Door - Eddie And Sons Locksmith, Manhattan, NY

Commercial Unlocking Of Doors Made Fast And Approachable!

Sometimes it happens in big offices and commercial buildings, that the keys get lost or misplaced by any one of the workers. The cabin, safe, locker, or door can’t be opened in such a case. And the very next step should be to change locks or rekey the lock to prevent any theft activity. To unlock door in commercial buildings from the outside is a difficult task because mostly the locks used in such buildings are very secure and difficult to invade.

Therefore, it requires high-class skills and talent to unlock doors or cabins from outside without using their original keys. Don’t worry; if you ever get into such a situation, our locksmiths are ready to deal with it. We have served in the field for ages and are now professionals coping with unlocking commercial doors. It might look impossible to you or anyone reading, but it’s not when you are hiring our super talented Service members. We are fully equipped with the latest technical gadgets to help us with the situation.

Automotive Lockout – We Have Got You Covered!

Sometimes while you are leaving for work and getting late, you might leave your car keys inside. The whole day will pass by, and you will only realize your mistake when it is time to get back home. That’s when you are exhausted and don’t even want a single thing to go out of order, but it’s done. What to do about it now?

  •  Look for your spare key.
  •  Try opening the lock with some Bobby pin or paper clip.
  •  Try using a hanger or screwdriver for the purpose.

If they do not work, these hacks will make you panic. Therefore the safest and sound way to get yourself out of the problem is to call a locksmith. Our automotive expert locksmiths are well trained and will unlock door of the car without bringing damage to your vehicle. This is something scarce to find with a non-professional locksmith. Therefore for the safety of your cars and their locks, always look for a field expert while hiring a locksmith. We guarantee you the best services in Manhattan, NY, in almost every field, and you will be satisfied with our quality of work.

Emergency Locked In Services – 24/7 Available

We deal with most of the lockouts in an emergency. Whether residential, commercial, or automotive lockouts, people don’t want to stay longer in such troublesome situations and want a solution as soon as possible. For this, they always wish for a proper answer on an emergency basis. But no worries, we are ready to deal with it also. Contact us anytime, our emergency team members are all-time prepared for any such emergency. You need to contact us, and we will reach out to serve as fast as possible.

We Offer #1 Services At Affordable Prices

Another essential feature that we own is our affordable price range. By looking into our services, you must think of our prices as too high. But that’s not the case. We offer very reasonable and affordable prices that are in everyone’s range. Hire us now and get yourself served by our locksmiths. Trust me; you would never hesitate to get the services again in Manhattan, NY, from us or recommend us to anyone else.