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Marty Security LocksLocksmith East Village provides all the locksmith needs for the entire East Village of Manhattan and downtown NYC. We specialize in late night emergency service work. We are a licensed and insured business, which means we can do many things an unlicensed company cannot do. Let us say for instance that you run an after hours club and the taxman came and locked you out, our expert can help you break back into your club and reopen quickly for the 4am rush.

We can break into anything

Maybe your partner locked you out of the house and you need to get back in to pick up some clothes so that you can still go out clubbing all night, no problem. Our technicians are licensed to break into all kinds of businesses and homes. Eddie and Sons Upper West Side Locksmith can even break into your impounded car and retrieve any “stuff” you might not want anyone to know about. Of course you’ll need to supply proper ID and proof of ownership first, after-all we’re not criminals.

Skilled and reliable professionals

Eddie and Sons Locksmith near me in East Village has the skilled and reliable professionals who can make locking systems just as skilled and reliable as they are. In today’s scenario where the crime rates are increasing day by day, you cannot afford to live by the fear that someone might break into your house and steal your valuable belongings.

Secure locking system experts

You have to take precautions and get yourself a safe and secure locking system. Eddie and Sons Locksmith will provide you with that. We are the #1 choice for the residents and businesses of the East Village NYC. We might make many jokes but we do take our work seriously.

Call 646-661-1845 for professional care at a low price

At Eddie and Sons Locksmith NY we pride ourselves on our professionalism, high customer satisfaction, and low low prices. Call us now at 646-661-1845 for a special 10% discount. We will get there as soon as we finish our Katz’s pastrami on club. Ask nicely and we might bring you one too.

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