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Eddie and Sons Locksmith New York - 24 hour

Eddie and Sons Locksmith New York has been providing services for the residents and businesses of NYC for over a decade. Our business is about making certain that our customer’s most valuable assets are as secure as possible. We provide 24 hours emergency assistance when in need. Businesses rely on us to keep their locks functioning. We respond to emergencies quickly and make repairs as fast as possible.

Expert at safes and vaults

For safe and vault issues, we can provide locksmiths quickly so that there will not be any inconvenience with the normal running of the business. If you rely on cash to run a business, and you cannot get to it can be frustrating for customers and a waste of valuable revenue for the business. Locksmith New York offers the best prices found on the market. Whether for residential or business, we will make certain that you have access to your valuables when you need them.

We specialize in car locking systems

Locksmith New York provides services concerning opening car locking systems, safe doors, and house doors. It sometimes happens that you forget your keys in the car or lose your house keys. It can also be frustrating in the morning hours to find that the safe cannot be opened to start the business. Without other keys or a backup system, your whole day can be wasted. We can assist you quickly and efficiently.

Top of the line, auto locksmith services, anywhere you are

We are available for your auto, commercial, home and emergency security problems. Our professional locksmith New York provides quality services. Our locksmith understands our clients’ security needs. Call 646-459-4358 now for quick professional service. Locked yourself out of your car? Simply call us, and we will send Eddie and Sons Locksmith expert locksmith New York. We offer the best quality services and within minutes of your call. You can rely on our efficiency and care to get the job done right.

Upgrade your locking system

Whether you need your car locking system programmed, upgraded or repaired or you need the safe in the office opened or have forgotten your house keys, we have qualified locksmiths to deal with any type of issues. Locksmith New York offers very competitive and cheap quotes. Eddie and Sons Locksmith has very professional staffs that use the most efficient methods known. They are friendly and available on a 24 hours basis for any emergency. Looking for the best professional service in NY? That is what we at Eddie and Sons Locksmith New York Locksmith provide our customers with, the best in quality, service, products, and price!

Roadside lockout services

Eddie and Sons Locksmith offers roadside emergency services for solving any car locking system problems. Whether you need to have the transponder key programmed or need to retract broken keys from doors, or repair the car locking system, we can offer quick assistance when necessary. It can take a very long time to have your car keys replaced by a dealer. We have decoding machinery that enables us to cut keys fast and efficiently. Our service is fast and efficient. We also have the best prices around. There is no need to spoil the whole day just because you have lost your car keys. With our 24 hour emergency response, we can be on the spot within the hour.

Call 646-459-4358 to end your worries

Eddie and Sons Locksmith provides quality service with a team of dedicated professionals for all your needs. Our services extend to most areas of New York City and whenever you call, we will be with you as quickly as possible as we have mobile workshops stationed all over the five boroughs. Our motto is “no problem is too big or too small for us. Give us a call at 646-459-4358 and end your worries. At Locksmith New York, we are here to serve you.

Fear of leaving homes unlocked

The safety and security of the residents is always the main focus of security companies such as Eddie and Sons Locksmith New York. Through the years, their services have been offered and provided to businesses and homes. One of the most frightening events that can occur to a family is having their homes unlocked while they are asleep in the middle of the night. As a result of this need, there have been increased security and safety features added to the entire property. These features give them a good night’s sleep as they are assured of nothing will happen to them or their property.


The need to install master key systems

If there is one security feature that people are equipping their homes and apartments with, it is a master key system. There has been an increasing number of people requiring the services of Eddie and Sons Locksmith New York to install master key systems on their properties. This is just a proof that more people are aware of how important security is to a particular location, whether it is a residential place or a business establishment. Individuals and organizations should not take safety and security for granted. There is more at stake when one is lax on these factors in comparison than when one would increase it.

Lockout Services Should Be Available 24/7

We understand that the industry has set its timing limited to day hours only. However, we have taken the initiative to cater you in a better way by providing 24/7 services availability. A lockout situation cancels all the plans. Sometimes people need to address important stuff but they can’t due to such a situation. In these circumstances, we are doing our best by delivering lockout services for 24 hours every day. We cannot cover the entire world. Eddie and Sons Locksmith appeals to the worldwide industry for providing availability of certain services all the time. Feedback is always welcomed by our staff.