Eddie and Sons Locksmith in New York City


If you are serious about your vehicle’s security then installing a lock should not be something you do casually. Getting information on vehicle locks is the first step we take you through at Eddie and Sons Locksmith in New York City to make sure you make informed choices on the level of security you want. Our trained techs work carefully using state of the art equipment to give you quality and satisfaction. With us, you are guaranteed of the best prices and after sales services. We also repair, unlock and replace locks on all types of vehicles. Give us a call now and give your vehicle the best security possible.

High quality window locks locksmith services

It isn’t hard to get quality window locks professionally fitted especially if you contact Eddie and Sons Locksmith  NYC. We are confident in our above par level of expertise and we believe in making a difference. Our range of window security solutions cover everything from awning, suit sliding casement and double hung window types. We can get your locks fitted, replaced or repaired at any time of the day any day. Let our specialist come on board in your effort to make your home or business a safer place. Call us to get scheduled or get more information.

Locksmiths who Work weekends

At Eddie and Sons Locksmith in New York City, we can relate to the busy schedules of most of our clients. We therefore have techs available to work weekends and take care of your needs if that’s when it is convenient for you. We repair, install and rekey locks during weekends when most people are not really busy. We work 24 hours a day during weekends to cater for the demand that arises from clients with either commercial or residential premises. Give us a call anytime during the week to get scheduled at a time of the weekend that works best for you.

Transponder key duplication services

If you have ever lost a key, then you are aware of the set back that comes with it. It can cost you huge sums of money to get a new key from your dealer. Before that happens, you will have spent a fortnight off the road. This is why you need a transponder key duplication done by professionals. Eddie and Sons Locksmith in New York City has the experience and expertise you need to get this kind of job done. Get your car keys duplicated and get them to do more than just open the car door. Call 646-459-4358 and get the best deals from us.