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People don’t know much about magnetic locks. Today, we will be briefly discussing different aspects of magnetic locks. The mechanism of magnetic locks is backed by electromagnetic technology. The usage of these locks is mostly at commercial sites such as plazas, shopping malls, retail stores, etc. At residential site the only place where you can install the particular lock is patio door. Eddie and Sons Locksmith in NYC 10003 is offering various brands of magnetic locks at nominal prices. You can avail discount price for the previous batch of magnetic locks.

Monthly Promotion For New Locks Installation Is Now On

With the beginning of every month, we introduce latest promotion for our customers. This time around, we have come up with new locks installation service discount charges. We are delivering the locks installation service for 24 hours, 7 days a week. In this way, our firm is able to cater you in the hour of need. Eddie and Sons cheap locksmith NYC provides the lock installation service for both, commercial and residential places. Our staff is highly experienced in performing lock installation tasks. You could reach us via phone at 646-459-4358.

Why we choose to work evenings when everyone else is relaxing at home

Most evenings mark a time when most people enjoy some good moments with their families after daily routines. However, for us at Eddie and Sons Locksmith in NYC, it is business as usual. We use this time to work because most people are at home and will thus have time to supervise any work done by our experts. Again, we understand that what can seem to be a simple security repair in the evening can save life and property if well fixed on time. All these are just but reasons why we are ready to cut short what would otherwise be our quality time with family and friends to work evenings. Read more about NYC Locksmith.

Why do we provide 24/7 service?

There are a couple of reasons why we operate on a 24/7 service basis. One, we understand that some situations cannot wait till morning and again, security matter are a 24 hour affair. It is against this background that we saw it fit and worthy to start offering services on a 24/7 hour scale so as to meet the many needs of our clients. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith NYC, 10003 we also offer competitive pricing packages so as to ensure that our clients fully benefit from our services. To access our services, all you need is to call us on 646-459-4358 at any time and we shall find our way to your location ASAP.