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Eddie and Sons Locksmith Manhattan NY located in midtown Manhattan has a reputation for opening, repairing and sometimes even destroying the most difficult locks. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get inside. Have you ever seen a really good locksmith at work? Call us now and in about 15 minutes, you will be front row for a special show.

Your locks are our passion

You have never seen a worker exhibit such artistry and passion for their work. Let us say you call us to break into your kid’s piggy bank because you are out of change for cigarettes. The lock is nothing special, maybe one of those locks you can open yourself with a light tug. It is a beautiful thing to see, a man pulling a 35lb sledgehammer from his butt crack and swinging at juniors piggy bank as if he is swinging for the fences at Shea Stadium. Kiss it goodbye, its outa here! At Eddie and Sons Locksmith in New York we really do take our work seriously.

High quality locks

When your keys are clinging in your pockets, do not think that your locks can be unlocked using only those keys. There are many burglars out there skilled enough to defeat your locks if they are not good enough. To give them a tough fight and defeat them rather than they defeat your locking systems, you need one of our skilled locksmiths to install your locks. Eddie and Sons Locksmith in New York City can provide you with exactly what you require. Eddie and Sons Locksmith Manhattan NY specializes in installing high quality locks and even unlocking your locks in case of emergencies.

Eddie and Sons Locksmith Manhattan NY is fully licensed and insured for any breakage.

Our locksmiths receive regular re-training in the latest techniques and are regularly tested before we allow them loose. We use the most recent technologies and equipment to make sure that you will receive the best care possible.

Call us at 646-661-4746 for a 10% of your bill

Call Eddie and Sons Locksmith at 646-661-4746 and we will take 10% off the bill. Maybe then, you won’t have to steal your kids’ savings for a pack of smokes.

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