Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Union Square West NYC


Do you fancy outdoor activities like holidays in different environments? Then you definitely know how helpful a mobile home is. However, since such places are visited by many people, you never know who might be visiting the place while you visit. Some visitors can be thugs and thus if you do not secure your mobile home well, some of your items might just get lost while you are outside enjoying good moments with family and friends. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Union Square West NYC, we can help secure your mobile home by installing high quality mobile home locks for you.

Ensure your new locks installation is environmentally friendly

The actions of commission and omission by human beings greatly contribute to environmental degradation. For example, the installation of gadgets made of toxic chemicals not only risks the health of the end user, his/her family, and occupants, but also the well-being of the environment. At Eddie and Sons Locksmith Union Square NYC, new locks installation products has been tested, passed, and approved for environmental safety. We believe in conserving Mother Nature. We strongly believe that we are our own number one custodians of our immediate environment. This is why we lean in sensitizing the public to shun substandard or harmful practices.

Qualities of re-keying technicians

When you call someone to provide a safety service such as making new copies of keys for your house or office locks, you should be vigilant. Otherwise, s/he may make illegal copies of the keys and send burglars to open the premises when you are not around. Some of the qualities that you will be looking at include his/her level of discipline and authenticity of the tools of trade. At Eddie and Sons Union Square West Locksmith all our technicians have job identification labels and cards. You can call 646-459-4358 or inspect them any time a technician comes to provide re-keying services. This way, you are assured of the top-quality installations and repairs.

Let us install and repair your transponder keys for all types and makes of vehicles

Eddie and Sons Locksmith Bronx NY is among few companies that have embraced the new technology brought by transponder keys. For a long time now, we have been serving owners and drivers of long distance trailers, lorries, trucks, buses, mini-buses, vans, mini-vans, saloons, and pickups. We have gathered many customers during our time. For this reason, you should join the long list of our customers. After having a transponder key, you will secure your car effectively from theft and vandalism. In fact, you will wonder why you did not install one before.