Commercial Entry Door Locks – Superior Quality Locks!

For any commercial real estate, industrial facility, or other commercial environment, commercial entry door locks are considered very important. After all, they are the first line of security for your property. These locks exist in different grades according to your security needs. For this reason, any operator, building owner, locksmith, and contractor should have an idea of what lock grade would be best for any building. There are various types of these locks, and selecting one as someone with little to no experience may necessitate the assistance of an expert. commercial entry door locks - Eddie and Sons Locksmith Manhattan, NY For your commercial entry door lock needs, you should contact Eddie and Sons Locksmith in Manhattan, NY. Our specialists are well versed in the current trends in the industry. As a result of this, we can help to make the best lock decision for your commercial building. Locks are always an important aspect of any building’s security. As someone who is concerned about this, you should hire a company like us to help you choose the best commercial entry door locks for your property.

Different Types Of Commercial Entry Door Locks

Like we mentioned, different types and grades of commercial locks exist. They include keyless entry, mortise locks, master key systems, magnetic locks, restricted key systems, commercial strikes, and door closers.
  • The commercial strike lock features an intercom system or a doorbell and is powered by electricity. One can simply buzz a guest in with this lock system. It is a security lock system used at law firms, schools, daycare centers, and other office buildings. It is highly effective when you are trying to keep track of who goes in and out of any building. which is a good way to keep employees safe and secure.
  • The keyless entry lock is self-explanatory as no one needs any sort of key to enter a building. Employees can simply have a key card or an access code. A magnetic lock is common for this method of securing a building. This is because there is no need for commercial levers or doorknobs. It is simply installed above the door and controlled by a sensor. This type of lock is particularly perfect for commercial entry door locks, should you have the option.
  • Restricted key systems are basically lock types that put a limit on the number of times one can copy the keys. This makes this lock very secure and a perfect choice for your commercial building. Also, as the door closes, this lock shuts itself as soon as the door closes. You don’t require a key to lock it; all you have to do is shut the door.
  • The master key system is a very popular type of commercial door lock. It gives access control there by restricting access to certain sections within a building. Another perfect option for your commercial front door locks.

Are High Security Commercial Locks Worth It?

If you have something of value somewhere inside your commercial property, then high security locks are very much worth it. After all, you don’t want to leave your building without locks. What happens when you are away or don’t want certain people accessing certain sections of the building? So, yes, getting quality locks for your building is a worthwhile investment. However, it is important that you hire a service provider who understands your security needs when looking to install any of these locks. Perhaps Eddie and Sons Locksmith is the perfect company for such a service. Our many years of experience definitely help when picking the perfect commercial locks for your building. We can do installations, make repairs, and can be called to carry out maintenance services. Just like these locks are worth it, we can make sure that the money you spend to hire our services is worth it too. Our locksmith Bronx, NY is available in Manhattan, NY for any commercial lock and key services that you may require. All you have to do is dial out the number or get across to us on our various social media handles.

Emergency Lock And Key Services

We’d love to inform you that we are also available for any emergency lock or key issues there may be. Our response to such a situation is super fast, and you won’t have to wait forever for a solution. We are not a company that has just started out. The level of our expertise is such that there is no type of door lock or key that we can not handle. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us right away. You don’t want to put a hold on your business activities.