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When you are driving, and your car starts to spurt, it means there is a fault that might need the attention of an auto mechanic. If you hit something with your car by accident and it leaves a dent in the body, to repair it, you’d seek the help of an auto body technician. But an auto body technician or an auto mechanic can not help you when there is something related to your car key, ignition, or door lock. Except, of course, that person is somewhat of a jack of all trades. However, in a case where you are having trouble with your ignition or car door lock, a locksmith for automobiles is who you would seek. locksmith for automobiles - Eddie and Sons Locksmith For that locksmith for automobiles services, you should consider Eddie and Sons Locksmith. We are a company of expert car locksmith NYC who have mastered the art and are considered some of the best in the industry. With our expertise and various distinctions in the industry, we are able to repair ignitions, make car keys, cut car keys, unlock car doors, program transponder keys and many more. You only have to come to us with whatever you may need for your car key or lock. We do not waste time and are always ready to serve you wherever you may be in the city.

Locksmith for Automobiles-Car Key Replacement Services in Manhattan, NY

One may be faced with either of two circumstances that may require one to get a car key replacement. You’ve either misplaced your car keys or damaged them in some way. This damage could be to the key itself or the key fob. The key fob houses a transponder chip, which is a delicate substance. If it was dropped in water or fell and hit a concrete floor, possibility is that it would be damaged. And when this happens, you can’t possibly start your car or even unlock it. Although there are still some car keys that have no transponder chip at the base, the percentage of cars with it outnumbers those without it. As such, cases of damaged keys are mostly associated with these key systems. Losing or damaging these keys means a replacement would be made. One would usually go to their car dealerships for this, but it has long been what an automotive locksmith NYC can handle. If you, therefore, need to replace your car keys, our automotive locksmith for automobiles is sure to assist you. Of course, you expect only the best services from us and at an even better rate.

Ignition Switch Repair and Replacement Service – Quality is Assured!

The ignition system of any car is an important part of that car. Without it, there may be difficulty starting the car. The only way one can start a car without the ignition is if the car is hotwired. However, this is not something that is possible with cars made in the last 20 years. The car immobilizer is there to prevent a situation where a car is hotwired to start. This is a measure to tackle car theft. Thanks to it, there has been a significant decrease in the number of cars stolen per year. If there is a problem with your ignition, you’d have to call the attention of a car locksmith NYC to it. He/she will inspect the ignition using special tools to determine what could be wrong. If the problem is reparable, your ignition will be fixed. But if the problem is something that can’t be repaired, a replacement will be suggested. This is why you should trust our Bronx locksmith for automobiles for services such as this. We provide the best automotive locksmith NYC service you’ll find around. So, do not wait to have that ignition checked; it is probably your only means of transportation. Contact us right away.

Car Key Programming – Trusted Technicians & Programmers

Considering the fact that most cars now have an immobilizer system, a lost or damaged key that has been replaced must be programmed. Because of the special system within a car, a key that has not been uniquely programmed for the car can not start the engine. These keys have a chip that sends radio waves, which are received by the immobilizer. If the signal sent is incorrect, the car won’t be unlocked or started. Therefore, any replacement key must be programmed to uniquely serve that single car. Of course, you can reach out to Eddie and Sons Locksmith to get this service at the highest quality.