Car Locksmith in NYC, NY

Your high school senior daughter went to a late movie with friends. When they got back to her car just before midnight, she was locked out, but no worry, she called us, because you told her we’re the best auto locksmith in NYC. With a 20 minute response, fully loaded van, and our dependable locksmith technicians, we had her on her way in a jiffy. After over a decade in business, we can say that vehicle lockouts and copy vehicle key services are our most frequent calls. For honest, reliable service from a car locksmith NYC, give us a call.

For Auto Locksmith Services in NYC, NY, Who Will You Call?

One of our specialties is comprehensive auto locksmith services in NYC – the best thing you can do is call us for help. There’s an experienced key maker on every service call, and with all the equipment we need in our fully loaded van, we can take care of any automotive key issues. Replacement car keys or a new ignition key, it doesn’t matter. We can even replace your transponder key. As the premier locksmith NYC, we’ll get it done for you. Add us to your contacts today. Call us when you need us – we’ll be there in a flash.


Not Just Any Key Maker Can Make a Transponder Key

Today’s vehicles aren’t like the “good old days”. Thank goodness! But they’re also not as simple to fix as they used to be. Take keys, for instance. In the past, any key maker could duplicate car keys. No more. As the best car locksmith NYC, NY we’ve stayed up to date. Our locksmith technicians receive regular updates and training on how to make a transponder key or a new key fob. And we can do it where you are – all the equipment we need is in our service vans. When you need NYC auto locksmith service, we’re your best call.

Replacement Car Keys Any Time of Day or Night, Any Day of the Year

Whenever you need replacement car keys from a NYC locksmith, don’t make it difficult. Call us, your local experts. We have a copy vehicle key service that we bring to you in service vans that contain all the tools and equipment we need to make replacement car keys for your vehicle.

Ignition Key Down the Drain? Literally?

Ever had that sinking feeling when you saw your ignition key slip down the storm drain in a rainstorm? You need an auto locksmith NYC, NY and you want the best – us. A lost ignition key doesn’t have to be a problem. Call us and we’ll have you going in a snap.