Transponder Key Replacement – All Makes & Models Of Car!

We program transponder keys for most vehicles and have specialized in programming them for many years. Eddie and Sons Locksmith provides the best prices and availability no matter if you have misplaced, stolen, or damaged your vehicle keys. For electronic car keys that have been damaged, stolen, or lost, we provide transponder key replacement and reprogramming services. We provide a cost-effective, professional mobile solution.

We can duplicate or replace original electronic keys and remotes for a competitive price for cars. Replace and program transponder keys in Manhattan, NY, and surrounding areas.

Transponder Key Replacement - Eddie and Sons Locksmith – Manhattan, NY

Locked Your Keys in Your Car? We Can Help!

In the event that you lose your car key, you can get an extra key if you don’t have any. Do you need a transponder key programming and replacement? Our locksmiths can make you new car keys for an affordable price that will not result in any financial hardship. We do this by using approved methods to gain access to your vehicle and retrieve the car key locked inside of it.
Mobile Vehicle Professional Locksmith!

We provide customers with the newest tools for cutting keys on-site while you wait, so they can duplicate or replace your key while we work on-site with the Eddie and Sons Locksmith mobile unit. Aftermarket keys are also available for much less than the cost of original dealer keys.

What is Transponder Key?

Transponder keys are devices that either transmit data or accept data from other devices. Keys that use a transponder have a miniature radio transmitter embedded in the head of the key. A radio frequency is transmitted to the key when the key is inserted into the ignition. The radio frequency activates the transponder, which response with an ID. An onboard computer that recognizes the identification number is used to start the engine.
Transponder keys of this type do not require a separate source of power. 125 kHz is the frequency range in which they operate. The range of the sensors is therefore very limited, with a range of 1 cm to 15 cm. The radio frequency allows it to penetrate things like the plastic or rubber in the keyboard, which would make the transponder invisible.

Keyless entry is available on many later-model vehicles. Individuals are able to access their vehicles through keyless entry by loading these keys with multiple unique codes, which increases the security of the vehicle.

Why Do We Need To Reset Transponder Key?

A transponder key needs to be replaced quickly if lost by someone skilled and experienced in accomplishing this. Blank transponder keys can be bought for some vehicles and used to start the car. It takes about 30 minutes to program the transponder while you are driving.

We Replace and Program Transponder Keys!

This key communicates with the car’s circuitry through radio transmission. Most cars come with transponder keys. It is possible to program a key only to start one specific vehicle via radio transmission. Car thieves will have little opportunity to rob a car since they can only drive and start it if they possess the transponder key. In addition, a mobile locksmith can program a transponder key on site.

Transponder Key – Replacement and Duplication!

Our company is much more effective at replacing duplicate transponder keys than agents. Depending on where you have your vehicle, our team can come out to duplicate your key on site. However, sometimes we need to tow it. Blank transponders are available for most vehicles, but some remote units may require the assistance of agents. Due to the release of new models of vehicles every month and the software needing to be constantly updated, equipment and software to duplicate transponder keys are expensive.

The reader/encoding hardware, software, and transponder chip are all useable to duplicate some transponder keys. But other keys require an additional computer program to work. The ideal situation is to have two sets of keys when buying a vehicle that runs on a transponder key since it is expensive to replace a key after hours. In addition, when you are out of town, you may lose your keys, resulting in the need to tow the vehicle, resulting in more expenses.

How Do These Keys Benefit Us?

Enhanced security
Functionality improvements
It’s Easy To Use!

If you work as an auto locksmith or operate your own garage, you probably have already worked with transponder keys. We offer transponder key replacement to customers at the best prices. For trade transponder keys, we’re known for quality, great price, and exceptional customer service. Call us anytime. We are also available on Upper East Side. You can get in touch with our Upper East Side locksmith.